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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

Green to Gold Program

Green to Gold

Link to Cadet Command G2G Program:

Green to Gold Program Instructions:

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Patrick "Scott" Jones
ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer
Stanley Hall Room 110
Office Hours:  9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Transfer Credits / Transcript Review:

Sunae Euell
Associate Registrar
University Hall 125

104-R Assistance:

Angela Howard
ROTC Admin. Asst.
Stanley Hall Room 115

Classes to Include on your 104-R:

G2G 1st Year (called MS3) - Fall Semester

  • MSAL 3231 (Classroom)
  • MSAL 3231L (Lab)
  • HIST 3146 - Intro to Military History is a commissioning requirement and only offered in the Fall.  It can be taken either Fall semester

G2G 1st year (called MS3) - Spring Semester

  • MSAL 3232 (Classroom)
  • MSAL 3232L (Lab)

Include block for SUMMER between MS3 and MS4 years - Advanced Camp

G2G 2nd Year (called MS4) - Fall Semester

  • MSAL 4245 (Classroom)
  • MSAL 4245L (Lab)

G2G 2nd Year (called MS4) - Spring Semester

  • MSAL 4795
  • MSAL 4795L

SAMPLE 104-R for GREEN TO GOLD (ADO or Scholarship) (PDF)
NOTE: If you get an error trying to open a PDF, follow these directions:

  1. Right click and choose "Save Link as" to save a copy on your desktop
  2. Right click on the saved document (whether on desktop, in downloads, etc.) and choose "Open with Adobe"


MSAL 4419 (Military Physical Fitness) meets the requirements for Physical Education - Activity (PEDS)

MSAL 4225 (Advanced Physical Fitness Techniques) meets the requirements for Physical Education (PHED)

NOTE: You should claim Military Science as your MINOR and due to your previous military experience, you will be given credit for the MS1 and MS2 years for completion of your minor.